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Joomtrax Full Complete Package

Title: Joomtrax Full Complete
Filesize: 11238104
Filedate: 2014-10-08

Price: 19 $


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Joomtrax - Plugin Blink
This is an example of the Blink Plugin
This blinks also on Microsoft Internet Explorer

Name Plugin Blink
Type plugin
Version 1.9
Date 3 March 2014
Price Free
License The Blink plugin including the javascript is fully under GPL License.

Please don't forget to tip the coder.
Free download:
The Blink plugin can be download here:

Check here the free Joomtrax Text Magic plugin.

This Blink Plugin is an article content plugin that will enable you to create blinking and flashing texts in your articles. The blink plugin can blink also text in more than two colors.
This plugin can be configured with several parameters, like colors, blinkrate. The Blink Plugin is based on the Joomtrax blink javascript.
This a Joomtrax blink plugin example!
Install instructions:
Install the plugin, publish the plugin, and copy in your article content following text:
Plugin Code:
This a Joomtrax blink example



The default parameters of the plugin can be configured in the plugin manager. But in your articles you can override each parameters,. see examples below.

The examples can be copied to your articles to get the same results.

Some examples:
This a Joomtrax blink example
Plugin Code:

This a Joomtrax blink example
Plugin Code:

You also can use the Keywords: visible and hidden:
This a Joomtrax blink example
Plugin Code:

Also check out the Joomtrax smooth scroll plugin here: