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Joomtrax Full Complete Package

Title: Joomtrax Full Complete
Filesize: 11238104
Filedate: 2014-10-08

Price: 19 $


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Joomtrax - Simple PayPal Module
Name Module Cursor
Compatibility 3xblack
Type plugin
Version 1.0
Date 14 September 2014
Price Free, limited settings and 10 % commission to Joomtrax (one of 10 sold or donated items)
Price 19 $, has no commission counter build in, and all settings available

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The Simple PayPal module, is a module that can add a file seller to your site.

Setup within 5 minutes your own webshop, using Simple PayPal Module. Its a PayPal file seller module, like the AC File Payments, but then for version Joomla! 3.x

Supports PayPal buttons, donation button, downloads counter. Also use custom download buttons. And sends email information about purchases or donations

The Free version contains a COMMISSION COUNTER. One of ten sales will send to Joomtrax PayPal account.
Please buy the complete Joomtrax package, complete version doesnt have a commossion transactions.
Simple Paypal module can add simple PayPal functionality to sell any files or mp3 or images.

See the Joomtrax Packages Modules on the Left. Or Check out the download page.
Please purchase the Complete Joomtrax Package, and see this module in action.

Macro keywords that can be used in mails and messages:
%productid% %title% %producttitle% %price%
%purchases% %downloads% %donations%
%filesize% %filedate% %today%%time%
%buttonname% %action% %actioning%
%email% %sitename% %userid% %username% %useremail%

Joomtrax Simple PayPal Module settings:
Setting Description
Module Text This text will show always the description of the product
Can use macro keywords
Before purchase text This text will be shown if product was not purchased
Can use macro keywords: %productid% %title% ...excetra..
Download Button file location of download button image
Purchase or Donate Select type of transaction
File Path Select the downloadable file. With an ftp client placed your file in the folder site\modules\mod_simplepaypal\files
Unique Product ID This is the product ID. This must be an unique number. If you use more than one simple paypal module, be sure you use different product IDs, user will get access by this ID number
Price The Price of the product
Product Title The title text of the product
Filename for download Filename for download,
must use another filename than exists in folder site\modules\mod_simplepaypal\files
Otherwise hackers can download using a direct link directly from this folder.
Currency Code Select the currency
Country Code Select the paypal country code
Header Image Select the image which will be used as header image in PlayPal
Button Select the button image
User Button Image Select the user button image
PayPal Email Your PayPal Email account
PayPal Sandbox Email Your PayPal Sandbox Email account, used for testing
Use Sandbox activate PayPal Sandbox test account testing
Not Loggedin Text The text showed it the user is not loggedin.
Can use macro keywords: %productid% %title% ...excetra..
Success Text The text showed if the purchase was succeed.
Can use macro keywords: %productid% %title% ...excetra..
Cancel Text The text showed if the purchase was canceled.
Can use macro keywords: %productid% %title% ...excetra..
Purchased Text The text showed if the product already is purchased.
Can use macro keywords: %productid% %title% ...excetra..
Send customer email Send customer an email after purchase or donate.
Customer email text Customer email body
Can use macro keywords: %productid% %title% ...excetra..
Customer email subject Customer email subject
Can use macro keywords: %productid% %title% ...excetra..
Send admin email Admin email body
Can use macro keywords: %productid% %title% ...excetra..
Admin email text Admin email body
Can use macro keywords: %productid% %title% ...excetra..
Admin email subject Admin email subject
Can use macro keywords: %productid% %title% ...excetra..
Users free access User Ids seperated with semi-colons or a single userid, For example 720
Which give users access without purchase.
The user Ids can be found at the user manager.
One refresh of the module of the site front view, the users will get the access, and the field can be set empty then.