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Joomtrax Package Complete

Title: Joomtrax Complete
Filesize: 11237089
Filedate: 2014-09-22

Price: 19 $

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Joomtrax Free Package

Title: Joomtrax Free
Filesize: 11178123
Filedate: 2014-09-22


Downloads: 84

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Joomtrax - Cursor Module
Name Module Cursor
Compatibility 15nativeblack16nativeblack17nativeblack3xblack
Type plugin
Version 1.2
Date 14 September 2014
Price Free

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The Cursor module, is a module that can set a custom cursor to your pages.
The Cursor module can change your mouse pointer to custom cursor.

See the cursor on this page. The Cursor Module can set the custom cursor, and works on Chrome, IE, Firefox.

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