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Smooth Scroll Pro


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Joomtrax - Plugin and Module Smooth Scroll Pro

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Name Smooth Scroll Pro
Type pluginmodule
Version 1.9
Date 9 October 2012
License GNU/GPL , except Flash files

Free version:

The free version is identically to the full version, only limitation is that the url not can be changed.
The Free version of the Joomtrax Smooth Scroll Pro Plugin can be download here:
Free version: {acfp id=6}

Full version:

Full version cost 18 US dollars.
Full version allows you to remove or change the Joomtrax url.
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Full version: {acfp id=5}

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This Smooth Scroll Pro Plugin is an article content plugin that will enable you to show a flash based smooth scroll in your articles.
This plugin can be configured with several parameters, like colors, scroll speed. This plugin is based on the Joomtrax Flash Scroll Pro. Supports Flash version 8 and higher.

Different scroll directions and text fading are supported. The plugin supports several embedded font types, but also non-embedded fonts can be selected.

Smooth Scroll Pro supports flash HTML format. Smooth Scroll Pro, supports html text and transparant gif images in your scroll.
Also flash based Cascade Style Sheet can be defined.
Also Transparant gif foregound and Background image can be defined.

Install instructions:

Install the plugin, publish the plug in, and copy in your article content following text:



The default parameters of the plugin can be configured in the plugin manager. But in your articles you can override each parameters,. see examples below.

The examples can be copied to your articles to get the same results.


Some examples:

Plugin Code: